A Message From the Founders of the WIM Accelerator:


We are proud of what we accomplished over the past 28 months and are humbled by the incredible support we received from numerous organizations and individuals. There have been so many individuals – both women and men – who gave of their time and expertise to see women entrepreneurs advance in the tech mobile space. Many experts made a contribution to the individual companies that participated in our WIM programming, as well as to the general advancement of women founders through our many events beyond the accelerator program. The WIM events such as — the Founders Breakfasts, Google Hangouts on Air and other events at Apple retail locations have hopefully inspired, educated and advanced the greater community of women entrepreneurs in New York City and beyond.


We know that what has been built could not have occurred without the dedicated work of WIM founder Kelly Hoey who also acted as Managing Director of our accelerator program, our law firm- Lowenstein Sandler and a whole cadre of experienced professionals in the tech world, and early-stage investing community. We are deeply grateful for the time, money and expertise that have been contributed and especially to the group of investors that were willing to support us with an investment in WIM going forward.


We have carefully watched the accelerator model and the landscape since our launch. We know first hand some of the benefits and draw backs to the traditional accelerator model. We are just as committed as ever to help women entrepreneurs succeed especially in the tech field. However, we think we can have an even greater impact for women by pursuing other avenues in early-stage ventures.


During the next phase you can expect to see us continue to help women entrepreneurs and women in tech through our individual companies — Deborah at Plum Alley with crowdfunding for women, Veronika as CEO and co-founder of inSparq and with Women in Wireless, and Kelly Hoey as CMO at Cuurio and with events focused on women entrepreneurs.


There is more that needs to be done for women entrepreneurs and women in tech and we look forward to your continued friendship and support as we moved ahead with our common goals.


Deborah, Veronika and Kelly